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ArtZ® Butterfly Ceiling Lamp

ArtZ® Butterfly Ceiling Lamp

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The ArtZ® Butterfly Ceiling Lamp is a functional ceiling lamp, but is also a work of art. It is a statement piece that cannot be missed, that will add uniqueness, to the overall decor of your home or office.

Adjustable hanging length up to 78.7 inches (200cm)

Two size options:

  • 5.1 inch by 5.9 inch by 7.5 inch (13x15x19cm)
  • 6.7 inch by 7.9 inch by 9 inch (17x20x23cm)

LED Light With 3 Color Switching: Warm Light, White Light, Natural Light

Material: Electroplated and Polished Iron, Zinc Alloy, Acrylic

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