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ArtZ® Natural Slate Style Wall Panels (Set of 20 Panels)

ArtZ® Natural Slate Style Wall Panels (Set of 20 Panels)

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ArtZ® Natural Slate Style Wall Panels make it simple to add a touch of design flair to any wall in a timely and cost-effective manner. With these panels, it is effortless to upgrade a dull space to a visually pleasing one.

  • Each Set contains 20 Panels. 
  • Each Panel is 38.58 inch by 19.61 inch (98x49 cm) 
  • Each Set covers 100 sq. ft.
  • Our 3D wall textured panels provide an attractive depth and visual appeal to any room. These panels are highly durable and easy to clean, as they are water and dirt resistant.
  • Our panels are composed of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for your family.
  • For non-adhesive panels, a polymer or acrylic adhesive glue, such as Soudal Fix, is recommended for attaching the panels to your wall. Installation time is reduced as the lightweight, elastic panels are easy to cut and adjust to a desired space with the self-assembly option.
  • Our panels serve as an optimal replacement for wallpaper. They conceal blemishes on walls while also furnishing them with a distinct visual flair, ideal for homes, offices, garages, eateries, beauty shops, or al fresco areas like decks and recreational vehicles.
  • Please note that while our panels are durable, they're not fire-resistant and should not be used near open flames or under direct sunlight.


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