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ArtZ® Stainless Steel Geometric Dolphin Statues

ArtZ® Stainless Steel Geometric Dolphin Statues

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Display your creativity and elevate your space with these ArtZ® Stainless Steel Geometric Dolphin Statues. They are true statement pieces that look great outside or inside. They are perfect for your home or office. These high-end sculptures never go unnoticed, and are great conversation starters. 

Method Of Production: 100% Hand Forging

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Surface: Polished Mirror


Style A: 16.2 inch by 31.5 inch (41.2 cm by 80 cm)

Style A: 20.3 inch by 39.4 inch (51.5 cm by 100 cm)

Style A: 26.3 inch by 51.2 inch (66.9 cm by 130 cm)

Style B: 10.9 inch by 31.5 inch (27.8 cm by 80 cm)

Style B: 13.7 inch by 39.4 inch (34.7 cm by 100 cm)

Style B: 17.8 inch by 51.2 inch (45.1 cm by 130 cm)

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